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In a city called Koroni Messinias, situated next to the Messinian bay - 52 km in the NorhtWest of Kalamata, visitors can find the Apartments & Bungalows owned by Georgios Lebesis.

GiOrGiO-Houses consist of 4 apartments and bungalows fully equipped and furnished. They can accomodate families of 4 - 7 persons in a quiet, cosy and safe environment. They are built in a place embellished with sod, flowers, trees and spacious parking area.

GiOrGiO-Houses are equipped with all the comforts of a seaside resort. You can enjoy the balcony view of the blue sea or relax by reading a book and having your coffee.
Our customers enjoy the panoramic view of Messinian bay in a quiet and cosy place, away from the irritating noise of big cities. The odors of the countryside and the tweet of the birds relax even the most weary visitor.

If you seek for a place like this, plus cheap accomodation and unforgettable family holidays, GiOrGiO-Houses are the ideal solution.

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We suggest our visitors explore the beauties of Koroni by taking a walk in the Venetian fortress, the alleys of the city and the beautiful beaches.

Do you seek for summer/winter vacations of just a week long?
Would you like to stay for a month or more?

Our apartments and bungalows are equipped with all the comforts and are available for rent all year long.

You just have to take your luggage and your mood for vacations, nothing more!

Reasons to choose GiOrGiO-Houses for your accomodation:

  • Sightseeing
  • Blue sea - Beaches
  • Cosy - Quiet place
  • Famous Messinian oil of our production. Basic part of Mediterranean diet!

Our village is on the way leading to Vasilitsi just a few metres before Memi beach, one of the famous Koroni beaches.

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About Koroni


Seaside resort, picturesque town, built in an amphitheatrical way on a small hill. Strongly reminds of cycladic civilisations. Narrow uphill clean paths or stairs, low-built houses painted with three colors-usually white, yellow, blue-windows painted blue or red.

One very «happy» path -painted with lime at the edges and horizontally, white sidewalks, flower pots with colourful flowers- leads from a small square up to the castle. In the evening people gather in fish taverns, ouzo taverns and pastry shops at the sea front. Koroni is 52 km NorthWest of Kalamata and is populated by 1.668 habitants. It was situated at the west side of Messinian bay.

The Castle


The first thing that commands my fragmented, hurt by the city, attention is the castle. The panoramic view of pictorial specs from the crenelations includes the Messinian bay, the corker Taigetos and the fascinating Tenaro. From the main Gate of Koroni's castle, the cobble-stone pavement leads to the monastery of Timios Prodromos. Its the same path that leads every visitor to the well-kept Byzantine church of Agia Sofia, the white church of Agios Charalampos and finally the church of Panagia Eleistria. That's Greece! Full of temples, iconostasis and other faith symbols.